Welcome to Antelope Valley Partner of Health!!

Welcome to Antelope Valley Partner of Health!!

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Antelope Valley Partners for Health

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Supportive Family Services

AFFiRM: Council for Child Abuse

Nonprofit public benefit corporation that seeks to decrease child abuse, violence, crime, isolation & suicide issues through community connections and actions.

Alafia Mental Health

The agency provides mental health services for youth up to age 21 in Los Angeles County.

AV Care Net Women's Resource Center

Provide free pregnancy tests, ultrasound confirmations, and answers to your questions about abortion, parenting, and adoption.

AV Family Connections

Resources available include family, couples, and individual therapy.

AVPH Healthy Families America

HFA is a free supportive program that is available to pregnant families or families with newborns up to 3 months.
The program focuses on promoting healthy birth outcomes, assisting in creating & sustaining healthy, nurturing, enriched and safe homes. The family Support Specialist provides education on labor & delivery, pregnancy health, breastfeeding, child development, parenting, caring for new baby, and referrals to local agencies.

Cedarwood Counseling Group

Facilitates parenting groups, including child abuse intervention/prevention classes

Child Care Resource Center

Providing financial support to help low-income families pay for the cost of their childcare.

Children's Bureau

Southern California nonprofit with various  resources for parents and children

H.E.L.P.E.R. Foundation

The goal of H.E.L.P.E.R. Foundation is to provide the resources and guidance to help struggling youth and community members of all ages make the transition from negative, anti-social behavior to positive, value-centered alternatives.

Olive Support Services

Offers Court Approved and Evidence-Based Parenting classes. Other services include: Anger Management, 52-Week Batterers’ classes, Domestic Violence Victims’ classes, Life Skills (Deferred Entry of Judgment & Human Trafficking Victims Programs), and Monitored Child visitation are other services we offer on a Fee-for-Service basis to the community. Professional Training for agencies are also available (i.e. Disaster Preparedness with Safety Tips for Service Providers, Workplace Violence Mitigation and Response), etc.

Palmdale Vineyard Church

Parenting Classes meet every Tuesday at 10am in Suite G (with a 1 week break every 6 weeks). This 12-week court approved class is free and anyone is welcome. Please arrive 15 minutes early as the doors are promptly locked at the start of class.

Pathways Community Services

We offer a full spectrum of social services & behavioral health solutions for children, youth, family, adult/older adult, & prevention services.  Our coordinated team approach includes: Psychiatrists, nurses, therapists, employment specialists, & peer support specialists.

Penny Lane

Nonprofit organization that provides therapeutic residential services, foster family home placements, adoption services, transitional and affordable housing, family preservation, intensive services and mental health services for children, youth, and families.


Offers outpatient/residential services, psychiatric care, wraparound and in-home counseling services, advocacy leadership, community mental health services, and educational support.

The Childrens Center of Antelope Valley

The Children’s Center of the Antelope Valley offers a variety of programs and services designed to prevent child abuse and care for those who have experienced it. This includes clinical therapy, relative support services, domestic violence support services, and community outreach.


Mission and Vision

Board of Directors


Emotional Wellness

Programs provide counseling and therapy services for youth and adolescents experiencing mental health. Important mental health habits—including coping, resilience and good judgment—help adolescents to achieve overall wellbeing and set the stage for positive mental health in adulthood. Mental health programs are designed to help youth and adolescents maintain a positive and productive lifestyle that promotes meaningful and beneficial relationships and connections to family, peers, and the community both during treatment and after treatment ends.


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Maternal and Child Health

Maternal and child health is a priority for AVPH and the Antelope Valley community. The Antelope Valley has some of the highest rates of infant mortality, low birth weight babies, preterm births, teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections in the United States. In fact, these rates are higher than other parts of Los Angeles County! While many factors contribute to this trend (including income level), there are plenty of resources available to help families cultivate an environment that supports healthy pregnancies and children from their first days through adulthood.


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Home Visitation Program

The Home Visitation program is a one-on-one visit between the expectant mother and the family support specialist. The visits can be scheduled during pregnancy or after birth, depending on the needs of each family. Visits are typically conducted weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly as determined by the family support work (FSS).


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Provides a broad range of coordinated services for youth who are in foster care, experiencing homelessness or other barriers and need support to finish school, find a job or pursue a career path. Our programs are designed to prepare students to become self-confident, self-sufficient and independent adults.


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Family Support

The Family Support program helps parents/caregivers become better equipped to move their children on a path toward a brighter future. The process of building a healthy home environment so that children will thrive is key to reducing or eliminating the damaging effects of poverty on children and families.


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Workforce Development

Focuses on an individual’s ability to grow their skills and develop the tools they need for business success. In other words, training individuals to be more productive and prosperous in the workplace, which benefits both the employer and the worker.


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To support the realization of the best quality of life possible for each individual/families, starting with a stable home.


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Family Resource Center

The Family Resource Center offer support by helping parents, families, and children locate and use services within their communities. The services can include parent groups, sibling support groups, resource libraries, classes, and play groups. They also can provide referral information for family visitation services, food and clothing banks, and more.


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Health Education

To provide educational programming, services, and resources that will enable individuals of the Antelope Valley to play active roles in achieving, protecting, and sustaining health and wellness. HE is dedicated to helping you find the most appropriate health and wellness information and support available. We provide educational workshops, services, and resources.


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