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“Healthy people in a healthy Antelope Valley”

We promote Health and Wellness One Community at a Time. We partner with various organizations, groups, and businesses to create a community collaborative where we can promote health and wellness to our children, adults, seniors, and individuals of our community.

AVPH seeks to improve the lives of the most vulnerable and underserved population of the Antelope Valley. This population includes adults and children of diverse ethnic origins who are currently living at or below the poverty line, have no access to health care services and must overcome the geographic barriers from living in the area.

AVPH has made significant changes in the following areas: access to health care, community needs assessments, mental health care in schools, dental health for low-income children, nutrition and physical activity programs for children and their families, infant mortality issues, women’s health education, housing concerns for transitional foster youth, case management services for pregnant women, developed a community resource directory, developed a community-based care management consortium for senior citizens, addressed transportation issues, developed and implemented a coordinated comprehensive community network to support at-risk youth and their families, and played a lead role in most local health and health policy issues.

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What We Do

Program Development

We develop programs and strengthen existing programs by assessing community needs, utilizing best practices and evidence-based models, establishing strong partnerships and effective performance measurements.

Research and Evaluation

We conduct research and analyze data to stay abreast of public health trends in our community and develop effective evaluations tools to measure progress and impact.

Direct Services

We provide services to our community in many capacities by serving mothers and families of infants and young children with Welcome Baby, Healthy Homes America, and the Lactation Center, providing minor home repair, facilitating monitored visitations, and youth mentoring opportunities.

Building Community Capacity

We are dedicated to strengthening community knowledge, skills and resources to address community problems through programs like Best Start Lancaster, Best Start Palmdale and Yolo Lancaster Challenge.

Policy, Systems and Environmental Impact

By moving upstream of the problem and addressing policies, systems and environments where we live, work, learn, play and receive health care, we can foster healthier choices and prevent many people from becoming chronically ill. Our programs: Lancaster HEAL Zone Partnership, Nutrition Education and Obesity Prevention, Positive Behavior, Choose Health LA Kids, Step-by-Step Lake LA, and Safe Routes to School.