Family Services


The AVPH Healthy Families America Home Visitation Program enhances the lives of at-risk children and family’s by supporting new parents through a long-term, voluntary, home based, family centered service, which strives to build healthy, safe relationships; optimize child growth and development; increase a family’s community connections; and overall capacity to thrive. Focused on a healthy start and building a secure foundation for parenthood, our program offers prenatal and postpartum education, resource development, goal setting, and comprehensive service planning, while emphasizing protective factors such as attachment, child health and safety, family relationships, resiliency, and the promotion of overall emotional and physical wellness. Families can be in the program from prenatal up to 4 years of the child’s birth.


Welcome Baby is a free, community-wide, voluntary program that provides hospital and home-based support for pregnant and postpartum women. This program provides parents an opportunity to meet with a personal Parent Coach in the comfort of their own home to learn about the following topics:

  • Positive Parenting
  • Child health and development
  • Constructive play ideas
  • Developmental screenings
  • A resource network that links parents/caregivers to other community services

All families need support to raise a healthy baby and Welcome Baby wants to provide families with that extra care. This program is open to all families, regardless of income status, and is offered during pregnancy and throughout the baby’s first nine months


AVPH’s Lactation Center offers a safe and private place for new moms needing support and education regarding breastfeeding and nutrition. The center strives to provide the highest quality, individualized support and assistance to the mother and her baby for the duration of their breastfeeding relationship.


Program Description: The program provides monitored visitation for families that are receiving services from the Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS). Visitation takes place in the Wellness Homes with trained Monitored Family Visitation Coaches.


Program Description: RHAS Workers assist Relatives and Non-Relative Extended Family Members (NREFM) in getting approved through the Resource Family Approval Process to receive benefits for becoming caregivers. RHAS Workers provide families with a 12-hour Pre-Approval Training, an 8-hour Post-Approval Training, CPR and First aid training, and more.

Relative Home Assessment Program

RHAS workers assist Relatives and Non-Relative Extended Family Members (NREFM) residing in Lancaster, in getting approved through the DCFS Resource Family Approval Process to receive caregiver benefits. RHAS workers provide families with a 12-hour Pre-Approval Training, an 8-hour Post-Approval Training, CPR and First aid training, and more.


Program Description: RSS Workers offer supportive services to any Relative, Non-Relative Extended Family Members (NREFM) and children residing with them; including linkage to community resources and/or emergency needs

Relative Support Services

RSS workers offer supportive services to any Relative, Non-Relative Extended Family Members (NREFM) and children residing with them, residing in Lancaster.  Services include linkage to community resources and/or emergency needs, if approved.


Program Description:

Antelope Valley Connect Day takes place monthly. We have partners with different organizations to bring crucial services to those experiencing homelessness as well as those at risk of becoming homeless. To help them on their path to wellbeing. AV Connect Day is a one-stop shop where guests can get one-on-one time with representatives from city, county, and state agencies along with nonprofits who specialize in homelessness services. Hygiene kits, clothing, lunch, and much more are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

AVPH Food Pantry

Program Description:

The AVPH Food Pantry takes place every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month. With food pantry support tools from CalFresh Healthy Living- Healthy Communities Initiative, we have improved the types of foods being distributed at our pantry. During pantry hours AVPH:

  • Conducts healthy food demonstrations and taste tests
  • Provides recipes and food resources
  • Serves emergency hot meals prepared by Café AVPH (Every Friday)

CalFresh Healthy Living-Healthy Communities Initiative

Program Description

This program aims to reduce obesity among SNAP-Ed eligible populations. Through this program, Antelope Valley Partners for Health (AVPH) collaborates with local food pantry partners to establish the distribution of healthier food options to the community. For more information visit:

Smoke- Free Outdoor Areas

Program Description:

This program aims to reduce exposure to secondhand smoke in outdoor areas. With tobacco support tools from Tobacco Control Policy Program (TCPP), we have surveyed over 1,350 residents in the AV with over 70% of residents reporting being exposed to secondhand smoke in outdoor areas in the last year. 

Ways you can help:

  • Join our local coalition (Palmdale or Lancaster)
  • Participate and attend community events with us
  • Educate the community about secondhand smoke
  • Write letters and speak with City Council Members 

Follow us on Instagram @smokefreeAV or Facebook @SFOA AV Coalition


Program Description:

AVPH is partnering with Golden State Opportunity outreach program to increase CalFresh enrollment in targeted zip codes within Los Angeles County. We’ll be working with community groups in areas of Antelope Valley whose service areas have a high number of potentially eligible people, in order to host public benefits outreach and enrollment events, with a special focus on CalFresh. That’s because, starting in June 2019, 500,000 Supplemental Social Security Income (SSI) beneficiaries in California became newly eligible for CalFresh. Of that total, 200,000 are right in Los Angeles County.

For more information visit:

We Count LA Regional Table Meeting

Program Description:

Antelope Valley Partners for Health is proud to partnered with Advancement Project and California Community Foundation to convene the We Count LA Regional table meeting a group of community-bases and other nonprofit organizations dedicated to reaching hard-to count populations in the upcoming decennial census, also known as CENSUS 2020.

Through the Regional Meetings, organizations are able to share knowledge and resources, as well as coordinate outreach efforts with each other and government agencies, especially the County and City of Los Angeles.

For more information visit:

2020 U.S. Census Day is April 1!

Filling out the census is easy.

You will be asked a few simple questions like your age, the number of children in your home and your marital status. The U.S. Census Bureau will send you a postcard to complete the survey online. If you don’t have access to the Internet, you can complete the census by mail or phone. Call 1-800-923-8282 for assistance.

Your community has a lot to gain.

Each person counted in the census means more money will go to your community for the next 10 years for things like schools, roads, hospitals and children’s healthcare. Participating in the census means you are claiming your community’s fair share of federal money. With 10 million people living in LA County, we have a lot to gain. Every person counts!

In the past, many communities have been left out of the census. People of color, immigrants and children are among those most likely to not be counted. These communities have so much to gain. It’s important for everyone living in the U.S. to be counted – citizens and non-citizens.


Program Description:

Meet the first evidence-based program developed by and for Latino parents with children ages 0-5 – and adopted by diverse communities across the country. Abriendo Puertas/Opening Doors builds parent leadership skills and knowledge through in-person trainings to promote family wellbeing and positive outcomes for children.

We partner with local schools to bring workshops into your community.


Program Description:

AVPH has partnered with Golden State Opportunity on a Statewide outreach campaign to encourage low-income Californians to claim the state and federal Earned Income Tax Credits. This campaign brings together multiple state agencies and broad coalition of local and statewide community, faith, civic, education, workforce, business, media organizations and leaders committed to fostering economic opportunity and financial security for low-income working Californians.

In support of the efforts, AVPH along with Goldarn State Opportunity will be hosting four free tax preparation events in the Winter of 2020.

For more information visit: