Family Services


Program Description: The AVPH Healthy Families America Home Visitation Program enhances the lives of at-risk children and family’s by supporting new parents through a long-term, voluntary, home based, family centered service, which strives to build healthy, safe relationships; optimize child growth and development; increase a family’s community connections; and overall capacity to thrive. Focused on a healthy start and building a secure foundation for parenthood, our program offers prenatal and postpartum education, resource development, goal setting, and comprehensive service planning, while emphasizing protective factors such as attachment, child health and safety, family relationships, resiliency, and the promotion of overall emotional and physical wellness.

Home Visitation Healthy Families America


Program Description: The Welcome Baby Program is a voluntary, universally provided hospital and home-based intervention for pregnant and postpartum women. The primary objectives of the program are to work with families to maximize health, safety and security for the baby, foster the parent-child relationship, and facilitate access to support. The program includes prenatal and postpartum home visits and a hospital visit at the time of birth. The program is offered universally to all families regardless of income status, potential challenges and/or risk.


Program Description: The center strives to provide the highest quality, individualized support and assistance to the mother and her baby for the duration of their breastfeeding relationship.


Program Description: The program provides monitored visitation for families that are receiving services from the Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS). Visitation takes place in the Wellness Homes with trained Monitored Family Visitation Coaches.


Program Description: RHAS Workers assist Relatives and Non-Relative Extended Family Members (NREFM) in getting approved through the Resource Family Approval Process to receive benefits for becoming caregivers. RHAS Workers provide families with a 12 hour Pre-Approval Training, an 8 hour Post-Approval Training, CPR and First aid training and more.

Relative Home Assessment Program


Program Description: RSS Workers offer supportive services to any Relative, Non-Relative Extended Family Members (NREFM) and children residing with them; including linkage to community resources and/or emergency needs

Relative Support Services