Welcome to Antelope Valley Partner of Health!!

Welcome to Antelope Valley Partner of Health!!

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Job Title: Supervisor

Status: Non-Exempt
Department: AVPH Healthy Families America® (HFA) Home Visitation Program
Position: Reports To: Associate Director/Program Manager/Lead Supervisor
Hours: Full-time, occasional evenings, and weekend work required
Effective Date: 1/1/18
Revision Date: 3/1/18; 2/1/22; 8/1/22; 4/13/22

Job Summary:

 The AVPH Healthy Families America® (HFA) Home Visitation Program, Supervisor, will be responsible for the day-to-day oversight of the Healthy Families America program staff at Antelope Valley  Partners for Health. The primary role of the Supervisor is to provide ongoing, intensive, professional  reflective supervision, training, and support to the direct service staff. This may include either, or both, components of service, in regard to family support or family assessment. Supervision should be directed  not only toward assuring quality of service provision, but also toward protecting the integrity and respect of  the families served.  

The Supervisor provides weekly reflective supervision for each staff member; a minimum of 1.5 – 2 hours is  allotted for each session. Guided by the Healthy Families America (HFA)-Best Practice Standards (BPS), this  time should be directed at assisting the staff to support the families in developing realistic and effective  goal plans that will help cultivate and improve their capacity to become empowered; to meet the families objectives/goals; to understand why a family may not be making the expected progress, and determine  effective methods of intervention; allow the staff to express their concerns/frustrations in working with  overburdened communities and families, to avoid burnout. The Supervisor provides daily support and crisis  management.  

The Supervisor will additionally assist in the selection of new hires, orientation and training, performance  appraisals; programmatic reporting needs, routine shadowing, observation/monitoring of staff,  substantiate quality assurances through auditing files, and overseeing staff productivity.  

To support their competency, the Supervisor must be currently certified through Healthy Families America  as a Supervisor, for both home visitation and assessment processes; have a minimum two years’ experience  providing Reflective Supervision; exhibit expertise in preventative home-based services, integrated  assessment, and comprehensive case management.  

The Supervisor must be knowledgeable of, and have maintained expertise, in providing home-based  services, community needs and have integrated experience completing required programmatic assessment  procedures used to determine a participant’s eligibility, enrollment, and ongoing routine screenings/assessments conducted by direct service staff, as determined by the funder, and to ensure  model fidelity.  

The Supervisor may also function as a liaison with other agencies, monitor contract obligations, as well as  contribute to ongoing program development. 

Education and Experience: 

  • Master’s degree in human services or fields related to working with children and families preferred,  or, a Bachelor’s degree, with a minimum of 3 years of relevant experience; or less than a Bachelor’s  degree but with commensurate HFA experience 
  • A solid understanding of, or relevant experience, in supervising diverse staff with humility, as well as providing support to staff in stressful work environments  
  • A willingness to engage in building reflective practice (e.g., capacity for introspection,  communicating awareness of self in relation to others, recognizing value of supervision, etc.) A minimum of 2 years’ experience providing Reflective Supervision, motivational interviewing,  assessing staff skills-Competencies, as well as possess the ability to identify and support staff areas  of growth necessary to conduct their job-related duties as expected and successfully Knowledge of maternal-child health: prenatal, infant- child development, parent-child attachment  A minimum of 2 years’ experience working in maternal-child health, and the dynamics of child  abuse and neglect 
  • Experience in home visiting with a strong background in prevention services to the 0-5 age  population 
  • Experience working with family services and programs which embrace the concepts of family  centered and strength-based provision  
  • Experience working with culturally diverse communities and families with the ability to be culturally  sensitive, respectful, and appropriate 
  • Experience working collaboratively as a member of a multi-disciplinary team  
  • Have a solid understanding of, and experience in managing staff or program projects Demonstrate success in working as a member of a team and developing effective working  relationships with staff, community-based organizations, county facilities and residents  Excellent written/oral communication skills 
  • Have a demonstrated track record with respect to detail, orientation, and accuracy  Demonstrate the skills necessary to solve problems, find and correct errors  
  • Demonstrate excellent skills in Microsoft excel, word, outlook, and the ability to learn new data  programs  
  • Infant mental health endorsement preferred (if available in the state) 
  • Must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: 

The ideal candidate for this position will possess a combination of skills, experience, and passion in the  following areas: 

  • The ability to take initiative while remaining open to the ideas of others 
  • Exhibit skills in collaboration and teamwork 
  • Emulate the ability to be flexible and adaptable 
  • Exhibit an entrepreneurial mindset with a self-led attitude 
  • The ability to multi task  

Must be able to prioritize and work in stressful situations while meeting tight deadlines Meet the specified areas of administrative and programmatic responsibility

Supervisor Specific Areas of Responsibility Includes: 

  • Support and trains staff on identifying client’s strengths, needs, barriers, and risks  Explore and identifies new referrals and resources for program clients  
  • Familiarity with the effects of perinatal depression on infant mental health, child development,  parenting, and general functioning 
  • Provide reflective supervision for individual home visitor and assessment staff, when needed, and  on a weekly basis 
  • Assist in planning monthly clinical group reflective supervision for staff, when needed Work closely with the HFA Program Manager and Director to implement documentation, training,  procedures, policies, and protocols 
  • Ensure the quality of the program by overseeing services provided through periodic shadowing of  home visits and conducting regular chart reviews 
  • May work closely with assessment staff to track enrollment of new clients, assign cases, and assess  caseloads per home visitor 
  • Provide consultation to all program staff on high-risk clients or any clinical issues such as mental  illness, developmental delays, child abuse and family violence to ensure that the needed support  and follow-up is provided 
  • Conduct ongoing team building activities to enhance employee relations and teamwork Mentors and assists with ongoing training of employees to ensure that they are modeling empathy and providing holistic and strength-based services 
  • Assist with, and provides, ongoing staff development related to the issues and needs of clients such  as maternal and infant health, breastfeeding, parenting, attachment, home safety, family planning  and child development 
  • Work with the Program Manager and Director of Direct Services to assist with any staff trainings  per HFA guidelines, funder requirements, and position related certification needs  Work closely with the Program Manager and Director of Direct Services to ensure all program  requirements are being met 
  • Responsible for annual Performance Evaluations of the Family Support Specialist(s) and Family  Resource Specialist 
  • All other duties as assigned  

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:  


  • Knowledge and experience of maternal/fetal/child health 
  • Knowledge and experience working with children 0-5 years  
  • Working knowledge of early childhood development and parent-child relationships Knowledge of at-risk, high-risk families experiencing domestic violence, substance abuse,  depression, disabilities, and child abuse  
  • Knowledgeable of local community resources, and how to access them 


  • Skill and ability to assess risk and respond accordingly using best practices within the law, adhering to the standards, policies and procedures set forth by AVPH, HFA and the AVPH

     HFA Home Visitation Program  

    • Strong Interview and assessment skills 
    • Strong interpersonal skills with ability to empathetically relate to families  
    • Strong grammatical and written skills  
    • Proficiency in data entry and computer skills with the desire and ability to learn new   database systems and office applications as needed 


    • Ability to co-case manage, establish, and maintain personal/programmatic boundaries,  while providing supportive services 
    • Believes in, and is comfortable advocating for nurturing, non-violent, discipline of children Ability to communicate and interview effectively to solicit thorough, pertinent and  accurate information 
    • Ability to relate to patients/participants from a family focused and strength-based  paradigm 
    • Ability to engage families and sustain patient/participant activity in services 
    • Ability to maintain boundaries and refrain from providing clinical intervention  Ability to multi-task, maintain and file records/reports/documents in an organized and   timely manner 


    • Function as part of the interdisciplinary leadership team  
    • Attend meetings and trainings as required, locally, as well as outside of the AV region when necessary 
    • Perform all duties in a professional, positive, respectful, and caring manner  

    Non-Essential Duties: 

    • Operate fax, phones, photocopiers, computers, and all other office related equipment to complete  required duties  
    • Contribute to job-related skills and abilities through educational pursuits  
    • Perform other duties as assigned by the HFA Program Manager and/or Director  

    Required Licensure and/or Certifications: 

    • Current and maintained CA driver’s license  
    • Current/maintained auto insurance 
    • Reliable and available transportation for work-related purposes (up to 75% of daily activity) Current and maintained CPR 
    • Meet basic health requirements, background check, and physical job standards Bi-lingual, English/Spanish, desirable 
    • Certified Lactation Educator (CLE) preferred 
    • Infant mental health endorsement level l or ll – preferred

Physical Requirements and Working Conditions: 

  • Work in flexible settings, such as: Hybrid, In-office/desk and/or Virtually; In participant homes/  residential locations; Community; and other business locations as needed, to perform job duties  Work with low economic and varied cultural backgrounds, living in high-risk areas, etc.  Able to maintain HIPAA requirements with confidential information, safely and discreetly, as  required, when working in various settings  
  • Able to follow all safety and communication protocols  
  • Work often performed under stressful and emotional conditions 
  • Work may require sitting for occasional extended lengths of time  

Work may require periods of case management and documentation hybrid utilizing electronics This position requires lifting/carrying up to 25 lbs., reaching, stooping, bending, squatting, sitting on  the floor, walking, running (may be needed)


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