Antelope Valley Health Partners Announces Launch of Welcome Baby Program

Antelope Valley Health Partners Announces Launch of Welcome Baby Program

Lancaster, CA. – Antelope Valley Partners for Health (AVPH) today announced a collaborative partnership between AVPH, First 5 LA, Antelope Valley Hospital, Black Infant Health of Antelope Valley, and Children’s Bureau of Antelope Valley that will provide a universal home visitation program for pregnant and postpartum women within and outside of First 5 LA’s Lancaster and Palmdale Best Start communities. The program will provide FREE support and information to pregnant women and new mothers at the hospital and in their home; provide primary health prevention and parent education, and introduce families to support services and resources in their community. It will be offered to all families delivering at Antelope Valley Hospital (residing in LA County) regardless of risk factors or socio-economic status.

“We are pleased to see Antelope Valley Partners for Health step up to offer this vital resource to our region. In recent years, the Antelope Valley has yielded some alarming health statistics, including an unacceptably high rate of childhood obesity,” said City of Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parris. “Our children are our future. With programs like Welcome Baby, we will build a better, healthier future for our community.”

The Welcome Baby Program in the Antelope Valley is a collaboration among long standing partners of Antelope Valley Partners for Health, Black Infant Health of Antelope Valley and Children’s Bureau of Antelope Valley. The primary objective of the program is to work with families to maximum health, safety and security for the baby and parent-child relationship and to facilitate access to support. AVPH anticipates the program reaching about 40% (2,400) of the families giving birth at AV Hospital in the first year and 80% (3,840) in the second year. The program preferably would like to enroll women prenatally so they may receive the most education and skills available. AVPH started enrolling families in December 2013; to date it has enrolled more than 200 women. Welcome Baby will be a vital part of AVPH’s efforts to improve outcomes for all the children of the Antelope Valley, as the organization looks forward to a continued partnership with First 5 LA.

“AVPH is thrilled to receive this funding from First 5 LA, and excited to be a part of the Universal Welcome Baby Program because it will allow us to offer services that will provide a healthy start for the Babies of our community,” said Michelle Kiefer, Executive Director of AVPH. “The partnership with First 5 LA is invaluable in our campaign to promote overall health and increased child safety in the Antelope Valley. We appreciate not only the funding from First 5 LA, but also the expertise and technical support they are continuing to share as part of this initiative.”

The Welcome Baby Program will continue the promotion of collaboration among community-based organizations, hospitals and government agencies to carry on the notion that community change takes time and commitment. For more information, contact Lisa Tims with Antelope Valley Partners for Health, 661 942-4719 ext. 489 or ltims[at]

About Antelope Valley Health Partners

Antelope Valley Partners for Health provides a neutral community platform that allows partners with different interests and skills to come together to create a coordinated integrated plan to address emerging community needs. AVPH also serves as a bridge to communicate new community services and volunteer opportunities to their clients.

About Welcome Baby

Welcome Baby is a First 5 LA funded program that works with families to maximize the health, safety and security of the baby and parent-child relationship and to facilitate access to support and services when needed. Antelope Valley Health Partners works in partnership with Black Infant Health and the Children’s Bureau of Southern California to implement the program to service the Best Start communities and surrounding areas.

About the City of Lancaster

The City of Lancaster is a thriving community of more than 158,000 located in northern Los Angeles County. Clean air, affordable housing, wide open spaces, and a close-knit community make Lancaster an ideal place for families. A low cost of doing business, endless potential for growth, and a strong commitment to business from local leaders has twice earned Lancaster the Eddy Award for “Most Business-Friendly City” in Los Angeles County from the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation. In addition, Lancaster boasts more than 300 days of sunshine per year, making it the ideal place to pioneer new solar energy technologies. No matter how you look at it, it’s positively clear that Lancaster is the perfect place to live, work and play

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