Let’s face it, we all have some bad habits we’d like to change, but many of us are seldom motivated enough to replace our poor choices with better ones. Well, let’s see if a $2,500 grand prize can’t get you motivated to get up and get moving. This is the top prize in a new, yearlong competition designed to help Antelope Valley residents eat right, stay active and live well.

The YOLO Lancaster Wellness PACT is open to all local adults and rewards you for making healthy choices in your daily life. Choose a salad instead of a burger for lunch. You’ll earn points for eating right. Spend some time at the gym. Rack up even more points. Pick up some fresh vegetables for dinner at the farmers market, and you’ll soon see how fast these rewards can add up. We’ll even reward you for visiting your doctor regularly, attending parenting classes or getting help to lower your blood pressure.


  • To Register call AVPH for more information
  • Call (661) 942-4719
  • Visit the YOLO Lancaster website for more information


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