Welcome Baby

Welcome Baby is a voluntary, universal home visitation program offered at no cost to all mothers giving birth, or planning to give birth at participating hospitals in Los Angeles County.

The program includes trained professionals who work with patients on site at the hospitals and in their homes.  Registered Nurses, Parent Coaches and Hospital Liaisons provide individual support and information on topics like parenting and early child development, bonding and attachment, and assistance on issues such as basic health care, nutrition, breastfeeding and home safety.

The program is available to all families regardless of risk factors or socio-economic status and is voluntary; clients can decline enrollment or discontinue services at any time.

Is Welcome Baby Right for Me?

Welcome Baby is offered at no cost to mothers giving birth, or planning to give birth at participating Welcome Baby hospitals.  Mothers are eligible to enroll prenatally up to 38 weeks of pregnancy or at the hospital following delivery.  Families will benefit in different ways from Welcome Baby depending on where they live and their individual needs.

  • Families residing within a Best Start community may enroll in Welcome Baby anytime during prenatal care up to 38 weeks of pregnancy and will be eligible for up to nine Welcome Baby engagement points.
  • Families giving birth at participating hospital that do not reside within a Best Start Community will be invited to receive a Welcome Baby hospital visit which includes a universal screening for strengths, needs and risks.  Those who are identified as needing more focused support will be eligible for up to three postpartum home visits.

What we are doing

  • Enhance mother-infant attachment
  • Increase parental understanding of child development
  • Increase exclusive breastfeeding rates
  • Screen for perinatal depression and link mothers to community mental health resources, as needed
  • Increase dental screening during pregnancy
  • Ensure access to prenatal, postpartum and ongoing health care for mothers
  • Increase the receipt of timely postpartum care
  • Ensure health care coverage for infants
  • Increase well-baby visits and immunizations
  • Identify maternal and neonatal complication and ensure follow up and treatment is received
  • Improve home safety
  • Increase access to local food resources
  • Refer and link prenatal and postpartum clients to appropriate community resources

Participating Hospitals

  • Antelope Valley Partners for Health with Children’s Bureau and Partners in Care Foundation
  • California Hospital Medical Center with Maternal Child Health Access
  • Centinela Hospital with Great Beginnings for Black Babies
  • Citrus Valley Medical Center – Queen of the Valley Campus
  • Miller Children’s Hospital Long Beach
  • Northridge Hospital Medical Center
  • Providence Holy Cross Medical Center
  • Providence Little Company of Mary San Pedro
  • St. Francis Medical Center
  • St. Mary Medical Center with Families in Good Health
  • Torrance Memorial Medical Center
  • Valley Presbyterian Medical Center with El Nido Family Center
  • White Memorial Medical Center

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