Step-by-Step Lake LA

The Los Angeles County, in collaboration with other agencies, is working to develop a pedestrian plan for Lake Los Angeles. The goal of the pedestrian plan is to make it safer for people to walk and support healthy activities.

What is a pedestrian plan?

A pedestrian plan provides guidance in developing a network of sidewalks, off-street paths, and trails and pedestrian facilities (such as lighting, crosswalks and benches) that allow people to walk safely and comfortably to key destinations like parks and schools throughout the community. It includes policies that address safety, traffic, education, and programs that promote a walkable community.

This project will last form Spring 2016 through Summer 2018. The planning process will provide an opportunity to work with community members in order to:

What we’re doing

  • Identify needed improvements
  • Improve connectivity resources
  • Reduce collisions involving people walking
  • Identify solutions to challenges to walking

Our goals

  • Increase walking and biking
  • Improve infrastructure
  • Strengthen policies that address safety, traffic & education

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