Healthy Families America

Healthy Families America (HFA): was formed by Antelope Valley Hospital in 1998. In 2012 AVPH took on the project, gaining all the HFA staff and over 15 years of in-home visitation experience. HFA has served over 2,400 families in the Valley through direct case management and home visitation, serving 120 annually and is accredited to use the Healthy Families America evidence-based model, a prevention program designed to promote positive parenting, enhance child health and development, and prevent child abuse and neglect. All of our clients for this program live in either the Lancaster or Palmdale Best Start Community.

What we are doing

  • In-home visitation
  • Promote positive parenting
  • Enhance child health & development
  • Prevent child abuse and neglect

Who we serve

  • At-risk parents whom are pregnant or have a newborn up to 3 months old families wanting home visitation services

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